Don’t Flush

Ever have one of those days where you feel everything is falling apart?  Like, nothing is solid?  Me too.  Somedays are just like that.  Shaky, wobbly….nerve-wracking!  Then add on top of all that, physical sickness.

It can overwhelm you!

There isn't a person out there that hasn't experienced what I'm talking about.  Stress happens, sickness happens….worry creeps in.  Our bodies fight to hang on but just can't last in a war with emotions.  Heart attacks, stroke, ulcers…tons of illnesses are related to what happens inside the physical body because of stress.

Not too long ago, I came across the most encouraging blogger.  Her story is pretty incredible.  She's a widowed mom with 4 great kids, one of which has some special needs.  Her writing is beautiful.  It's real, raw and inspiring!  She's living day to day just like the rest of us but she's figured out some important truths–>We SERVE a GOOD GOD!  I love her attitude!

I woke up feeling cruddy this morning.  I had a headache on Sunday and a stomach ache since that won't go away.  My pipes are stopped up (my house..not my body) and I can't use my water or it fills up my garage and storage room floor.  I paid several big bills last week and so did my hubby (we should communicate) and we both forgot another big payment was scheduled to come out automatically ALL IN THE SAME WEEK!  You know, the one where we took money out to replace someone's cellphone?  Yea.  I'm mad at myself!

All of this tumbling down on me at once.  Did I mention we are supposed to leave for a mini vacay in a week?  Geez, all of the hulla-bulloo!  So, instead of burying my head in the sand…I decided to go read what Amy's doing over at her blog.  Her post today is titled, One Good Reason To Keep On Truckin' (even when your trucks about to fall apart).  I'm convinced, that girl knows my life.  surprise

Thanks Amy.  You reminded me, it could be worse.  I too, still have air-conditioning!  Rejoicing, I will do!  And finding many more reasons to be grateful!

#1  smart daughter who works at the same bank that I'm a customer

#2  that she willingly transfers loans

#3  for God's gentle reminder that He is in control

#4  a great life

#5  potstickers  (yum-o)

No matter how crazy life can be….you and I can trust Him.  We can be bent and twisted….and still, we will be okay.

Ps- Did you happen to catch The View today?  It was gospel music overload.  This up & coming sweetheart played this great song.  Beautiful job, Jamie!



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