So Long Summer

I'm dragging around this morning for good reason.  I've just returned from vacation.  If you've traveled by car with your family any long distance then you know….it's exhausting!  Throw in a little high need "attached to the mama" dog and you've got slap worn out!  I feel zapped!

The week went by pretty fast (we spent it with friends in Alabama) and now the reality staring me down is school begins in 2 days!  I'm not ready!  I won't go into the details of how that makes me feel but it's time to suck it up and get back to work.  Crying won't change anything.

Ahh, summer…you've been good for me.

I stumbled upon some help this morning.  I might be just who they're aiming for when they put this conference together.  The gals over at Keeping it Personal are behind The Refine Conference in Bloomington, MN this fall (September 21-22).  By the looks of it…every woman who is running the life rat-race should be attending.  Wish I could go too.  But alas, school & life come first.  Maybe next time.

Also, tomorrow is the big debut of Lysa TerKeurst's newest book…UNGLUED.  If you're a mama that dreads school starting (like me) and has no desire to turn into that barking, yelling mom every morning–this might be the book you need!  Lysa has a way with being real and encouraging us to keep moving forward even when we goof up.  She's a great source of love and wisdom for women.  Her blog is one of my fave's!

"Bad moments don't make bad mama's!"  (Lysa T)

With Wednesday morning beating at my door…I'm going to get busy trying to organize my life and unpacking my family's "stuff" today.  I might even try to jump back into cooking a meal or two.  Enjoy your Monday, friends.

Kisses to you summer break!  XO


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