Work or Blog?

It's clear I'm too busy to blog….huh? Work is totally crampin' my style and robbing me of any free time. Not that blogging is only possible for people with no life.  Blogging takes time.  Thinking time.  And I haven't had any, yet.  I just need some time to adjust to the hectic schedule and figure out when writing blog posts is best.

Working girl problems.  Who knew?

In real words…..I have no idea if or when I'll blog again. I'm doing my best by making it to school in the morning and cooking dinner for my family right now.  I'm tired and it's only Tuesday.   

Survival mode…y'all!  Not lying.

Yesterday while I was sitting through ipad training (again) I recieved a sweet text from my college girl that said, "staying home was no fun unless (mom) is there".  She ended it with "stay at home mom please".  It gave me a smile.  I loved staying home–with my kids.  I loved it this summer with busy working kids too.

Home is where the heart is.  Mine anyway.

Last night my youngest (hs senior) told me that she missed me (home/family) while she was working and all she can think about is coming home.  She is just down the street babysitting a few afternoons a week.  I told her what EVERY member of my family says as soon as they come home–>  Where's ______? (filled in with whoever isn't home then).  If someone's missing….the other people want them home too!  

Homebodies…that's my family.  Even our dogs love home.

Maybe I'll get this schedule figured out soon and blog a little more regularly.  Forgive me if you like to read here ( I love it — if you do ) and I'm not posting something  everyday.  I'm working on it, I promise.  AND trust me when I say….I'd much rather be home, blogging than working all day.

Blog or work?   Uhhh, blogging….duh!  Enjoy your Tuesday, friends.


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