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You know….there are just some things you shouldn't blog about.  When I posted all about coming UNGLUED yesterday, I had no idea that within hours…I'd be put to the ultimate mama test.

I'll give you a hint—-


Yea, someone would break down on the side of a busy highway, while I was in the middle of class (and couldn't hear my phone) and all by herself!

Oh yes, that one.  The cute little blonde standing in the picture.  Of course she was far away too.  She was heading over to Bloomington to spend the day with her boyfriend after scoring a super grade on her first math test of the semester! She didn't quite make it there.  Her car had other plans, like a water pump malfunction.  On a long, lonely highway in Brown County (one of Indiana's most beautiful areas).


I don't recommend this as a form of fun family bonding.  No, this was stressful and dangerous.  Both Ally & I went along with the guys (hubby & son) to "help" out.  I don't think we were anything but comic relief but hey, we were there to share the burden.

I will be honest.  Traffic is not safe.  Being broke down on a highway like that was uber dangerous.  The entire time we were trying to get that beast loaded, cars/trucks/semis, you name it….soared past us right beside us.  The majority of them didn't even try to scoot an inch over.

If I ever had a moment….  that I wanted to come Unglued.  

So, remember that shade tree mechanic Saturday we had last weekend?  Yea, we'll be doing that again this weekend.  I'm so grateful for the nice Sheriff Deputy that came by almost immediately and picked up my beautiful girl.  She was scared and crying…..and he certainly saved me from running straight out of a class full of students to rescue her.  I'm thankful my hubby dropped everything and took off for her…an hour away at that point.  I'm proud and thankful that her boyfriend (Tyler) grabbed his dog Leif and headed to her and stayed with her at the gas station/restaurant until her dad arrived.  And last, I'm so happy to have such a nice neighbor (Eric) that loaned us his car trailer.  

All of these blessings, reminds me……I have a wonderful God that cares about every single detail of our lives.  I don't have to wig out.  He is in control!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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