5 Surefire Ways To Teach Your Kids To Pray

My kids aren't little punks any longer.  They're grown up big kids with big people lives and personalities.  The days of my influence upon them are dwindling.  They are pretty much WHO THEY ARE GOING TO BE right now.

And, I really like them!

Raising good kids takes work.  Like, full-time work.  But, it's worth it.  The investment is forever and that's why I think it's so important for them to have a good foundation in Christ.  That doesn't come from a preschool or school day teaching…it comes from home.  Mama's & Daddy's have huge responsibilites on their shoulders when it comes to teaching their kids about faith.

It's a lifestyle.  Everyday.  Not just on Sunday.

I think one of the most important faith builders God has entrusted to us as parents is teaching our kids to pray.  For me, prayer is a lifelink.  When I miss out on it….I get messy and overwhelmed.  I feel out of sorts.  I know exactly what's wrong as soon as it happens.  I'm grateful for the Holy Spirt — always there, prodding me to do what is right when it comes to spending time with HIM!

"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near."  Isaiah 55:6

So, I've been thinking…how do we teach our kids to pray?  Since I'm not an expert, all I can do is share what I feel has worked in my family.  My kids have had to live with the real me and the real me is far from perfect (Oh, don't act shocked!).  They've witnessed firsthand a need for prayer.  Bless their hearts, right?

5 Surefire Ways To Teach Your Kids To Pray

5 — Thankfulness.  Be open about what you are thankful for and where your blessings come from.  God is working every single day in your life and mine.  If we don't acknowledge that and speak about it with our family….they'll never learn to feel that gratitude for themselves.

4 — Forgiveness.  This is so important.  Don't miss this!  Teach your kids to say "I'm sorry" and say it yourself when you goof up.  Even more importantly, ask God for forgiveness in front of your kids when you make a mistake.  Make this a priority for them too.  Being forgiven and granting forgiveness are qualities that every human will need all throughout life.

3 — Praise.  Let your kids see you praising God.  If it's music that gets your heart all happy, then crank it up!  I remember driving my kids to and fro…jamming as loud as we could to Christian music.  Together, we've had some on fire praise moments over the years.  I can't tell you how it feels to hear your kids sing of their love for God.  It's amazing!

2 — Scripture prayers.  It's a good idea to use scripture in prayer every chance you get.  I love claiming verses with my family in mind.  I especially love inserting one of their names into a verse.  You can even write prayer verses out on little cards and stick them around to remind you to pray during the day.  Oh and guess who else sees them?  Yes, your kids.  Wonder if they'll notice?  Try it.  They'll love knowing you pray scripture for them.

1 — Model prayer.  The best way your kids (and mine) will learn to pray is to see and hear us doing it.  I'm not talking about "Grace" before meals or memorized poem prayers.  I'm talking about REAL WORDS with REAL MEANING.  God desired communication.  The kind where you talk to Him and share your heart.  The prayers that you model to your children will not fall on deaf ears.  Teach them to pray outloud, boldly.  Remember, you're teaching your child faith in Christ.

Prayer is serious business.  Treat it that way when going about your normal day.  I remember morning school rides when we'd get near drop-off.  If I forgot to pray, my kids would yell, "Mom….you forgot to pray for us!".  This was comforting to them and made them feel completely covered to face the busy day.  Something that I may never get over is how each of them never turned down an opportunity to pray.  Even as little dudes, if there was a request for someone to lead prayer….they bravely did it.

Do your kids know how to pray?

"Pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.  With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord's people."  Ephesians 6:18 (NIV)

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