iPhone Love

Last night, hubby and I had a date.  Where, you ask.  Our backyard hottub!  The week had been a rough one (yes, it was only Wednesday night) for both of us.  I sent him a message earlier in the day, making the date a priority!

Just as I had suspected, we both needed it!  We spent a good amount of time decompressing and then unloaded some much needed frustrations about little issues bugging us both.

Date well needed.

Sometimes, life can feel like a prison.  Right Gracie?


I took this picture last week.  We were just about to have dinner and she caught whiff of what was set on the table.  She came over and stuck her face between the chair slats…..and just sniffed.   By the look on her sweet face….it smelled good!   I love her.  She reminds me, stop and smell the good stuff.

This dude.  He's not Amish, but he looks a little like he might be.  On Sunday, he woke up feeling horrible.  He thought he had gotten exposed to poison ivy.  We gave him over the counter meds and hoped he'd pull out of it.  Nope!  He woke up even worse on Monday.  So, after school….off we went to the doctor.  She put him on a double dose of Prednisone and sent us home.

I snapped this picture of him last night after he fluffed up that burly beard of his. He looks like a pretty happy dude…but he's still feeling cruddy.  Prednisone makes you grumpy, did you know that?


I couldn't help but take Lizzy's picture this past weekend.  She came outside with me early on Saturday morning to read a good book.  I thought she looked so cute all perched up like a princess.  I can't tell if my dogs are spoiled or not.  Can you?


After I came inside from the hottub last night…I noticed a few missed messages from my Alabama friend, Marilyn.  The first message said, "I got an iPhone".  The next, "Want to Facetime?".  Whaaaaat?  I got so excited!  No one has been able to Facetime with me the whole time I've had my iPhone.

Wicked Droid users!!!

So, I crawled into my covers and called my friend back & facetimed a few minutes before going to sleep!   See, it's the little things that make me happy!  


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