Old Friends

It's been a day of hurry up & wait so far. Doctor appointments are like that sometimes. But when you're an hour and a half early…waiting is your only choice.

Clearly, I am an alien child of this early woman. Late is my middle name (my friends reading this are laughing). Why hurry when you're this early? Right? Still, we hurry.

When we arrived this morning for radiation, a surprise visitor stepped in the office to say hello. One of my favorite friends from years gone by, Homer.

The funny part is we passed him on the side of the road on our way into town. He's a Florida Highway Patrolman and had a car stopped for speeding. He wanted to give us a hug and share a word of encouragement.

Old friends sure are special. I'm so thankful for a long list of special people in my life. God has smothered me with great friends & family.


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