Flying High

I’m so stoked!! I’m waiting at Orlando international airport for my flight home.


Since its after 12, I’m listening to Rush and watching for them to call zone 6.


Hello Mr Pilot man. Let’s go!!

Looking forward to riding the Disney Express back to cool temps and the best family in the whole world.


These boots are ready to run.

I have to share my trip to the airport today. My favorite cousin (Lucy) traveled to pick me up. She and I were very close growing up and experienced much of the same “not so nice” treatment. We talked a bit about the lives we’ve been blessed to have with our own kids. Each of us agree, we are survivors and are better moms because of our pasts.

There’s always a silver lining to trouble. It’s up to us to find it.

I love you Lucy Goose. Thank you for being such a happy person and loving even the unlovable. You’re an inspiration!!

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