Is It Just Me?

I could hear the slamming and bamming.  I knew something was wrong, but with teen daughters…it could've been anything.  They're moody.  They get in a tizzy and sometimes they lose their cool.  Much like their moms.  This noise, it kept going and then I could hear frustration groans.  Maybe they were cries both sound about the same.  So, I headed in to investigate.

My girl was mad, again.  I shrunk her new clothes.  These days seem to be filled with hot under the collar moments.  No matter what time of day or the situation, I'm in some sort of hot water with someone.  It's like all that rocking & reading, preparing favorite meals and doing fun kid stuff is long forgotten.  Suddenly, I suck.  I can't do anything right and I offend everyone.

Yep, I'm a mom.

If you're a mom and your kids are above the age of say, 17….are you feeling anything like me?  I only ask because I could really use some cheerleaders on my team that will assure me this is going to pass, sooner rather than later.  I'm tired. 

Somebody please tell me other moms are tired too?!?!

Being a parent is hard work.  I think the teen years might be even more difficult than the baby/toddler days.  I have the same goals that I did back then; keep em alive, raise them to be productive adults and try to make their lives enjoyable.  But how can I help them be their best when I want to fall apart myself?


Help me be the mom YOU WANT ME to be.  I seem to get caught up with people pleasing and I get the feeling…that's not what's best.  Forgive me for trying to do YOUR job & mine.



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