I Have Reasons

I've been doing stuff. Seriously.


See?  I finally have a tree.


Ok, so technically this is my hubby doing stuff.  But I was working too.  I just couldn't help but capture this moment.  He literally worked on his hands & knees cleaning our wood floors downstairs.  Then, thanks to ADHD…washed the doors and tile in our foyer.  Score!


This is Gracie as she discovers a fire in the fireplace for the first time.  She was pretty interested in it and I think she just might have Galloway blood in her veins. She's ADHD, loves fire and trashes the place every minute of the day & night.


Since my hubby does not eat cheese….that's the first food we prepare when he's out of town.  This is a delicious Cheesey Chicken Spaghetti!  It hit the spot on this cold night of tree decorating.  Oh and don't worry, hubby ordered his fave pizza while he was out of town.  Sauce & mushrooms on a cracker, I mean a thin crust.  Blek!  


And finally, we have a tree with decorations.  I know, there are quite a few dark areas.  That's what happens when you open the decoration boxes and only find 4 strands of lights and after you put them on the tree….half GO OUT!!  Grrrr!  I gave up!  Lights are not my job.  


Blogging takes time and I hope you won't give up on me.  Since I've been MIA… I've had hair appointments, doctor appointments, groceries to buy, funeral visitation, multiple meals to cook, work, illness (me) and dogs to care for. You're welcome, I didn't mention all the dang laundry.  My house is no different than yours.  I don't want to get caught up in the holiday rat-race.  So, those dark spots on that tree….I'm not going to flip out over.   I have plenty to be thankful for and that's what I hope to do this month of celebrating Jesus!

Happy Thursday!  Or in my thinking–Friday Eve!

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