What Does 45mph Snow Gusts Mean, Really?

It's snowing! Hard! Like the song says, "the weather outside is frightful…"


Take it from Gracie.  She's sitting on top of the patio table.  The whole standing in the wet snow thing was more than her brain could process.

Gracie: What IS this stuff?  It's everywhere?

Me:  It's snow, Gracie!  Don't you love it?

Gracie:  Uhmm, NO!  It's all over my yard!  It's on my porch!  And it keeps getting on my feet!  Look, how am I supposed to chase squirrells in this mess?


Gracie:  I give up!  LET ME IN!!  PRONTO, PEOPLE!!


Gracie:  Ahh, this is better!  I can just watch here from the glass doors.  Geez, how long will it go on?  I need to chase something and no one will get up and play in this house!


We're under a severe weather watch.  Duh!  The news has been running non-stop this morning with the WARNINGS about the road hazards.  As in, don't get on them unless IT IS AN EMERGENCY!!

Try telling that to my oldest two kids who have "real" jobs in the real world.  Both were scheduled to be at work (each works in a different town from where we live 15 & 35 minutes away) and didn't have any plans of missing their responsibility. Have you tried to reason with young adults before?  They don't listen nor do they understand!

If NO ONE is allowed on the roads due to emergency weather warnings…then who can shop at Staples or go to the bank?  THEY WON'T BE NEEDING ANY EMPLOYEES, DUDES!!  Besides, try getting out of our driveway…that's a sample of how the roads are in our whole area!

Case closed!  Everybody's staying home!

Guess who's out of Caramel coffee for the Keurig and Salted caramel creamer too?  Yes, of course…..we are!   crying  I don't care!  WE'RE ALL STAYING HOME!!

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