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I'm up early while the rest of my family sleep soundly in their beds.  I wanted to get busy praying for a friend.  Stephanie was the first person I can remember loving as my best friend.  God sent her to me when we were in Middle School.  I didn't even know a friend could be so special until I met her.  She was so much fun and she inspired me to be just like her.  I used to imitate her every move because she was so pretty and together, we were a pair!

It was with Stephanie that I first put on make-up.  She had tons of it and the attraction to the shimmery white eye-shadow felt like a magnet for me.  Why?  Why didn't anyone tell me how ridiculous I looked?  No matter, I felt beautiful….like somehow, God was making me look like my pretty friend.  Stephanie and I used to ride bikes back and forth to one another's house.  She lived with her grandparents and in my eyes, she was royalty!  Everybody knows if you're special enough to live with grandparents then you are a queen!  Grandparents spoil you and I thought Stephanie was spoiled!  It was fun going places with her….grandparents just make you feel extra loved!

As we grew older and way more mature…we put away our shimmery eye-shadow and traded up to boyfriends & Jordache jeans.  We'd spend Sunday's after church skiing at the lake and eating at Pizza Hut.  The weekends became pretty busy for us all when we marched in the high school band.  Stephanie was a majorette and I was in Flags.  We giggled on the bus rides to competition and froze our buns off marching in the Edison Light Parade (who knew it could be that cold in S. Florida?).  Life was easy…then.

Today, my precious friend is in a battle.  As I type, surgeons are working meticulously to remove tumors that have found home inside her beautiful head.  I don't know many details and that's not important right now.  What matters is that we pray for Stephanie and that we remember her loving family…her hubby Chris and their two precious daughters Chelsea & Shelbie.  This family needs a miracle and I know just who to call on for that.  While my heart is heavy…I'm trusting my Sweet Savior to heal my friend and bring her back to newness!

I love you dear Stephanie!  May God blanket you with His healing hands right this moment and in the coming weeks ahead.

Gracious God

Your love knows no boundaries and Your power is endless. I praise you God for you are Holy & worthy!   Thank you for such a special friend like Stephanie.  I'm blessed because YOU shared her with me so many years ago.  I lift her up to you, trusting you with all that is threatening to steal her away.  She needs a miracle and I know you will be glorified in each detail of this situation.  Blanket the Lee family with your love & mercy, Lord.  Give them peace when fear tries to attack.  Bless them all and hold them tight.  Faithful One.


The One sitting on the throne said, "I am making everything new."  Revelation 21:5

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