What is TLC thinking?

I spent the weekend sick.  I never want to waste a weekend doing something like that so you know it must've been a doozy.  I tried to do housework and carry on as if I was perfectly fine but thanks to the elephant sitting on my chest….breathing was optional!

So, I sat around in between all cleaning jobs and watched the TLC channel.  Don't ask me why because I can't figure the reason out myself.  All I can say is that I was under the influence of some sort of death wish illness that kept me glued to a whole days worth of Hoarding: Buried Alive!

Oh My Gosh!

I literally sat there mesmerized!  I couldn't believe the horror of what these houses looked like.  Who can live like that?  I whine and I complain every single time stuff accumulates in our middle room and garage.  Which, is often.  The mess drives me crazy!  My family is busy.  Each of us are constantly on the go and stuff just gets set down (always with a plan to come back later and deal with it).  Watching back to back episodes may have been a bad idea.  I made a vow to myself….

Everything must go!

I'm not keeping junk anymore.  I don't want the world to see my face on Hoarders!  Everytime I have to kick an empty coke case out of my way to get to my car in the garage I'm going to flashback to the show!

Seriously!  That's probably how it all got started for these people.

One more thing.  What is it about this channel anyway?  Every commercial advertised more dysfunction going on in the world.  Honey Boo Boo, Gypsy Sisters, My Strange Addiction and a list of other wacky shows.  Do they pay these people?  Isn't there something good to share and celebrate?  Like, families trying to make good choices?

TV is a wreck!  TLC is a tv wrecker!  (maybe I'll thank them later when my garage is all cleaned out!)

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