Sofa Happy

Hubby & I have talked about updating some of our furniture for the last few years.  Around 13 years ago, we purchased my dream leather sofa from Dillards.  At the time….I didn't really put much thought into my kids growing up so fast and needing more space for sitting.  Now that my kids are all giants and we love to sit in our family room watching movies/football/tv….the need for a bigger sofa has taken us to buying a new one!

We knew just what we were looking for this time and totally went for it when the President's Day sales were going on a few weekends back.  Everywhere we shopped, I hopped on the sofas and reclined them back checking every little detail of comfort just to make sure.  Finally, I found the one.  It was big, leathery soft (and genuine leather, not faux) and it reclined from one end to the next.  Perfect!  We are a lazy family when it comes to relaxing.  We want all the cozy comfort we can get and this new sofa is just the one to give it.

The only problem?  Once you switch up your furniture, you see a hundred other things that need to be done to spruce up your house.  On my list of to do's now are new blinds for two windows, paint my ceiling, purchase new lamps and eventually replace my living room rug.  I can't wait to  s l o w l y  pick up these items and make my living room the haven my family loves.

Is it healthy to love a sofa?



Look how loooooong it is!!  I think it's awesome!


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