Defend Your Faith & Your Facebook Posts

Have you ever heard the saying….You better stand for something or you'll fall for anything?  It's true!  While I believe each person has a core that makes up who they are, it's been proven time and again that people will bend & sway when necessary.

Especially on beliefs.  Or what they post on Facebook.

I'm a Christian.  I believe that Jesus was born of a virgin, lived a life of perfection….died a painful death on a cross and rose again 3 days later.  Because of His love for me and His sacrifice I am assured of eternity with Him in heaven forever.  I place the highest value on HIS WORD (my Bible) and I try as best as I can to follow Him in every way by being obedient to the truths found in scripture.

I trust Him and I want to obey Him because that's what He expects of me.  

The world around me doesn't agree.  Many people call themselves Christians but twist what scripture says to fit their needs.  This week I've read numerous posts on Facebook & Twitter regarding the same sex marriage debate.  Stuff like this just remind me how watered down faith can become for those who claim to follow Christ but live otherwise.  What do I mean?

I read a post from a Christian guy that said something about 'being a new kind of Christian just means you're an old kind of heretic.'  The point, I believe had something to do with Christians falling for the lie that accepting people as homosexual is okay.  While I don't disagree with loving people regardless of their lifestyle choice….I do find it directly in disagreement with God to call that choice acceptable.  Nor do I accept what the world is trying to cram down my throat by way of marriage equality.

Not now….not ever!

Here's my problem with the post on Facebook:  If you're going to speak up for God and I assume that's what this person was doing when he said that statement.  Then don't be afraid to defend yourself & your faith!

I believe that each of us will be held accountable for what we've said and not said in our life journey.  It's not necessary for any of us to be a honking horn to honor God.  But if you're going to throw out JESUS quotes, know why.  Then, back them up!

By the way, I responded to that post with a comment.  I said, "…there just isn't a way to bend the truth when it comes to God's word."  Which opened the door for a challenger to respond with "So no one bends the Old Testament, ehh?"  The owner of the FB post tuck-tailed his response to that by saying he didn't mean it like that.  Sadly, I couldn't comment because it "wouldn't let me" for some strange reason (Ahem, blocking possibly).  The glaring truth of it is that not everyone is equipped to fight the hecklers that challenge on faith issues.

And I ask….WHY NOT?

To answer the challenger's OT question.

When pointing out how something can't be wrong if we're not willing to follow OT rules we need to understand the difference of what the intentions were of that time.  In the OT there were different kinds of laws; civil & ceremonial.  Those concerning religious sacrifices and penalties for unacceptable behaviors were time-bound and limited to the people of Israel.  Just like my rules as a mom for my kids when they were 5, 7 & 9 are different than they are today at their young adult ages.  They were a specific set of guidelines to fit that time in their life.  In OT, sacrifices and ceremonies were given as a "foreshadowing" of the Messiah's ministry, death, burial & resurrection.  They are no longer necessary….thanks to Jesus!

Jesus came to set the sinner free.  His birth, life & death changed everything!  We have a NEW COVENANT with God because of Jesus.  To which I say, thank you!  I certainly don't want to have to follow some of the crazy rules mentioned in the OT, do you?  Sell my daughters into slavery?  Naaah!  Burn a bull on an altar as a sacrifice?  No thanky!  

The OT isn't obsolete!  It's just as important as the New Testament.  But aren't you grateful that God sent Christ to make a way for you & me?  That we don't have to follow rules that don't fit us and the times we live in now?  I am!



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