Doggone It!

Spring break was glorious!  I say that because I'm a huge fan of being free of responsibilities and that's pretty much what spring break was for me.  Freedom!

I did not get any of my wish list accomplished (of course) but my hubby cleaned up our garage and that feels like the jackpot.  So, woot woot to organizing the hoarded piles of junk that keep us bound to never moving again!

On Saturday I was couch ridden thanks to a booming ear ache and throbbing left eye.  That wasn't enough misery so a huge fever blister was the cream on top.  I thought I'd just lay around and be blah until my cellphone rang with a call for help from my sweetboy.  Something was wrong with his dog (Gracie) and she was bleeding all over his new bed.  Huh?  Off we raced to check on the dog (and I hadn't even brushed my teeth yet)!

Long story short…the dog was injured pretty badly.  Somehow, she had ripped her front right leg opened right in the bend of her elbow.  She wasn't too interested in anyone looking at it or touching her.  One look at it was clear she would have to have stitches.  Awesome!  Especially since it was 3pm in the afternoon on Easter weekend!!  (Yes, it was 3 and I hadn't brushed my teeth!)  I'm gross!

I called the vet (who is an hour + away) and they said go ahead and come that way.  So, we raced over and ended up having to leave her overnight.  I can't complain because this Doc is the best and I trust whatever he instructs us to do.  She needed sewing up and because of anesthesia, he keeps them for observation.  So, on Easter Sunday….we had to make another long trip to get her.

Totally worth it!

Dr. Brester is famous in this state.  He's way past retirement days but his office stays packed all day everyday.  He must see thousands of animals in a week.  I'm not exaggerating!  On our trip Saturday we also brought along Lizzy our poodle who's been coughing her head off.  He gave her a shot and some new meds….our whole family thanks him!  We can sleep again!

God bless Doc B!  He is an animal lovin' angel!

Gracie is now on the mends.  She's still walking funny and not able to extend that leg fully.  Her stitches are in such an awkward spot.  The Doc is concerned that they won't hold so we're trying to keep her as confined as we can to let that skin heal.  She's in pain & cries a bit but giving her aspirin has seemed to help.

I'm sure she is wondering what in the world have I gotten myself into.  Who knows what happened to her….she's not telling!  Doggone it!



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