Mission Minded

I'm mission minded these days.  Every little task I need to accomplish….I face it with determination & grit.  Maybe it's because I'm staring down the road at age 47!  All I know is that life seems more manageable when I have the attitude of "get it done"!

I think my hubby might be feeling the same way.  He's been beating his body up regularly by doing big house jobs all by himself for the last few months.  He's built flower beds, chopped trees, re-created our pond, demolished and rebuilt a complicated outdoor stairway and still managed to tackle all the other big needs our family has encountered.  Like changing a whole car engine out for our daughter, working on my car & his, and endless yard work.  He's a beast!

It's important to be on mission when tackling jobs otherwise most of us will dwindle down in enthusiasm.  Especially if you are good at finding something much more fun to do (like me).  But what about the mission that God has for you & me?  How determined are you (and me) to fulfill all that He calls us to do?  I admit, there are many days that I totally miss the mark on being USED by God.  I let the world creep in and steal my joy or I just plain out don't do what I know I should when I know I can.

As I'm nearing the end of a long school year (15 more days) I realize how exhausted and burned out I feel.  Perhaps long days with young busy teenagers can do that, huh?  But I'm rejuvenated at the thought of a summer filled with resting back up and doing things that make me feel awesome.  In that, I'd like to focus on a real mission.  A mission that involves reaching out beyond just me & my survival.  So, look out!  I'm getting all geared up — I want to make this summer….MY BEST YET!

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