My Senior Prom


I know, I know….I'm too old to be a senior in High School.  But a girl can wish, right?  The cold hard truth is that hubby & I work the prom every year.  He parks sweet cars and I check in all the fancy dressed punks who show up to party.  

This is my long-time table checking partner.  We have it down to a science.  Not really, I just wanted to use some educational words and science sounded uber smart.  However, we do know what we're doing…even if the rules of the game change up a bit.


This fella was only there for the prom court nomination he was not interested in dancing or partying.  While he waited for the crowning of the new king he found a good spot to relax.  Listen, the prom can wear ya out.


I loved seeing so many of my students all dressed up.  It's a fact, not one of us will look nearly as spiffy Monday morning.


Prom court.  What a nice group of juniors!


More of my students.  Notice the loss of tuxedo clothing… gets a little warm on the dance floor.


This is the first year in a loooooong time that I didn't have a child going to the prom.  My youngest who graduated at midterm this year was not interested in the least regarding prom.  She had been to two in the past and just didn't want to do it again.  I think she thinks she's too old.  Pish posh!  

Less than 1 month until graduation.  I'm hoping she's not the only one moving on…I'm praying it's my senior year too.  Fingers crossed.


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