One More Monday

It's down to single digits. School ends in 7 more days. One more Monday! Oh Monday! What a jolt of reality you are to the working folks.

My excuse for not having a clean house, dinner ready or energy to party is fast coming to an end. I'll have to come up with some new excuses as to why I'm not on top of my mom game.

Over the weekend my son brought over a big surprise for (me) the family. Disguised as a Mother's Day present — this is the new computer for all to enjoy.

It's a 23 inch HP touchscreen all-in-one computer. Blogging will be a whole new experience after all the years of using a Netbook. My eyes will not know what hit em! Big screen! Wow.

Plans of family coming took a big turn on Saturday. My hubby's parents have been traveling by car from Washington state to visit for graduation. Somewhere in Iowa my mother-in-law fell and suffered some rather serious injuries. After an ambulance ride to the ER and scans of injured body parts the surgeon revealed she would need surgery. Thankfully they had the rationalization to know they had to go back home for such a big event. So, turning around with her injuries & pain they went.

Sad for them…sad for us too. But our prayers are for good care & quick healing ahead. What an awful way to end what was supposed to be a leisurely fun trip. So sorry for them.

Look how far hubby has gotten on the stairs. Rain, cold weather, work and busyness be darned! He's going to finish!  Maybe he'll beat me getting out of school.  Ya think?  Don't worry, if he does….there are plenty of other house tasks to jump into next!

Happy Monday, y'all!

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