I've heard so many times how important it is to have everything ready in case of a death and I'm finding out how true that really is.

These things are easy to ignore when you're going about living.  Now that we're facing a grim reality the business side of dying is begging for all my attention.  I feel overwhelmed!

I need prayer.  I need God's divine intervention.

Hubby and I have searched for important documents, gone through mail (old & new), tended to the lonely dog and tried to make sense of all that's happening late at night after we leave the hospital.  Last night I finally fell into bed (the pull-out couch) and cried.  I can't handle making big decisions that involve so many laws and rules.  It's all too complicated!

I want to love my mother on into eternity with Christ.  Not search for stuff I have no idea where she might have stashed.

So, for those of you convinced that you don't need to handle end of life business now…..get busy!  Take care of your insurance policies, switch over power of attorney (if needed), write out your will (legally, not on a piece of notebook paper) and make arrangements on home ownership and or deeds.  Help your family so they can focus on what's most important.  YOU!

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