Can HE Hear My Voice?

Today I watched some of the testimony by the mother of Trayvon Martin and his brother.  The questioning focused on whom the person was yelling in the background call to 911.  Both believe the yells for help were coming from Trayvon Martin.  As a mother, I've wracked my brain wondering whether or not I could decipher such a thing under the same circumstances.  Would I recognize my child's voice?  I think I would.  

This got me thinking about how God always knows the voice of His children.  I never have to worry whether He confuses my cries for help with someone else.  He personally connects with His beloved.  What a privilege to be loved that much and what an honor to be known that personally.

Armed with that knowledge….  I feel pulled to know Him more.  I don't want to wonder if that's my Lord calling to me.   I want to be sure and I can by spending time with Him.  Every day.

Psalm 116:1  "I love the Lord because He hears my voice and my prayer for mercy."


Your love for me is deeper than the ocean and higher than any mountain.  I know this because your word tells me so.  Help me to know you more and to hear you when you call.


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