Flat Tire

It's been one thing after another since I arrived in Florida.  Crazy things keep happening to me (and my poor kid, Gates).  Little inconveniences and big oopsie moments that have widdled away at my sanity which was teetering on the edge of not really there anyway.

I've been trying to just bide my time until my hubby arrived.  He's been known to wear a cape in my eyes.  If something's going to go wrong….he can handle it!

I thought I was holding it all together.  Especially after driving home at 12:30am from my mother's deathbed.  Both Gates and I unloaded the car and locked it up tight.  During the night (around 3am) I was startled awake by a neighbors barking dog and then voices outside.  They were literally yelling right by my car.  I jumped up and peeked out but couldn't see anything.  I could only hear them and finally they went on by.  At the time I worried that they were possibly trying to get into our car.  When I woke up the next day, a friend stopped by and said, "Hey, your car door was standing open!".  Whaaaaaat?

It was on the other side that we couldn't see once we came inside and so clicking the lock….was useless.  The back door was standing open and my bag with my computer, kindle fire, large bills of money and all my most special writing books were sitting right there.  I screamed when I heard it was open.  Gates went out and everything was still sitting right there.


I'm convinced that the voices were actually angels.  The street my mom lives on is a busy through street for lots of shady types to walk all hours of the day & night.  There is no reason for a crime to have been skipped other than GOD TAKES CARE OF HIS CHILDREN!!  Even when they are in a grief stupor and not watching what they are doing.

This morning, I woke up and opened the front door to go out and move my car to load up our bags.  As I opened it up….I saw that I left the key in the door lock.  All. night. long!

Will I live to see Indiana again?  I'm not so sure.

After all the stress of the last few weeks….I planned a little beach escape for the two of us while we wait for our family to arrive.  On the trip over, the flat tire alarm lit up.  That's hint hint for CHECK THE DANG TIRES!!  We hopped on the interstate (I 75) and within minutes we heard the most horrible noise and I knew….FLAT TIRE!!  A real flat tire.

Here's where I finally cried!

I hated more than anything to call my hubby.  He's already felt like he was on another planet from me and holding us both together long distance has been a full-time job for him.  While he talked me through how to get the tire tools and spare out of the car….another angel walked up.  His name is Dana and with his kind yankee accent asked us if he could help us.  Uhm, yea….dear ANGEL DANA do your thing.  He even had nitro to air up the stinking flat spare.

I cried.  And I cried again.

Up the interstate about a mile or so was an exit.  We pulled off and right there was a Tire Kingdom (that's slang for part of God's Kindgom) where I met Roy.  While I cried, Roy talked to my hubby and made some serious decisions and tons of phone calls to find the world's most amazing tires to fit my hubby's hog of a car.  And then because he's such a nice guy….he said, "Go and eat while I wait on your tires to get here and I'll get you all fixed up!".  He also gave us a great discount on some pretty expensive tires.

I am going to see the beach today and when I get there…..I may not leave.  Or stop crying.


You have done more than protect me.  You have blanketed me and my heart with the heaviest of care.  Thank you.  Help me hold on and keep it together.  The circumstances are almost comical and I thank you that I can laugh in spite of how serious each issue has been.


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