47 Ain’t So Bad

This morning I read the greatest post over at To Love Honor & Vacuum.   A reader wrote in about having the crazies during peri-menopause.  To which I say, tell me about it lady!  I've been trapped in that stage now for a few years and nothing seems to help.

I've tried diet change, (not enough) exercising and removing certain stress triggers out of the way.  Still, when the hormones are raging….I just have to ride along like a team player.  Nothing can stop the whacky!

Just last week I told you 10 things that I liked about being 46.  I kept away from the whole issue of body change because (hello) it was stuff I LIKED not loathed.  Face it, hormones gone mad are not something to be proud of.  I think the greatest line in the article is –> Peri-menopause is like PMS on steroids.  That ain't no lie.

For any woman that suffers with the ups & downs of peri-menopause…I offer my condolences.  I understand.  I feel your pain.  All I can offer is my prayer that (both you & I) escape soon.  Surely, God will reign down His thunderous mercy on us all and take the crazy away.  I mean, come on….I'm 47 for goodness sakes!  And from what I can tell, it ain't so bad!

Okay, so I'm only 3 days into it….but it's been great so far.






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