Inspection Anxiety

I've been a bundle of nerves all weekend.  Today is "inspection" day at my house.  I don't know why I feel so nervous about it but I do.  Perhaps it's because of how easy every little detail has gone since starting the SELL THIS HOUSE process.

Honestly, I feel a little guilty that we spruced it up (don't get me wrong, this process was long and hard), called a realtor, opened it up to the first showing and SOLD IT within the first 2 weeks FOR OUR ASKING PRICE!

See why I feel like it's time for some trouble?

see faith

I have faith that God is in this whole ordeal, really I do.  I guess I wouldn't feel so anxious if my hubby hadn't uttered the words, "I'm worried about this inspection!".  What else can I do if he's a little concerned besides get worried too?

I'm only human!

dont worry

I realize now after getting wigged out over what all "could" go wrong that I rely pretty heavily on my hubby's solid faith.  If he waivers…..I take that as a cue for me to get tensed up too.  Fail on my part, I know.

The cold hard fact is this is all in God's hands.  My worrying or hubby's stressing isn't going to change one single thing.  Either the inspection will go just fine or there will be issues that need addressing.  It's not like we can't handle repairing or replacing anything else.  That's been our life for the last few months anyway.  Fix it, replace it, build it….make it look amazing for someone else to love and enjoy!

So, here's to letting go and letting God handle it.


I'm forever in need of YOUR HELP.  I'm wishy-washy when I just need to stand strong and trust you.  Forgive me for worrying about things.  I trust this house inspection to you.  Thank you for all the many details you've already orchestrated in the selling of our house.  I'm blown away by your grace.


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