Snow How’s It Going?



I journeyed out into this yesterday and the roads were atrocious!  However, I was only a passenger so I didn't have to do the driving.  Only the criticizing of the driver.  I suppose it could be classified as criticizing.  When a person passes another vehicle on snowy slick roads in a car that doesn't have a lot of "get up and go"…..I think that's an okay time to get a little critical!  Don't you?

We survived!  Barely.

We were in a hurry to get to this kid.





We had some shopping to do.

This is just a little taste of how much my family loves Clinique. We snap pics with displays.

And slurping down our Starbucks.

It was a long day but lots of fun. Being a mom of girls is special. I missed Gates and loved getting a phone call from Gavin while we were out and about. He was calling to tell me what he wants for Christmas….

A suit!

I love being a mom!

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