Goodbye School Days

say bye

It's my last day.  The day I've waited for and dreamed about for a long time.  Now that it's here I'm having trouble remembering all the bad days that I wished more than anything I could storm into my principal's office and Q U I T, with my hair on fire!  Teehee!

I like how God does that, don't you?  Almost like the pain of childbirth.  He takes away the yucky painful part and leaves you with the sweet part.  Thanks, Lord!

I sent out an email to all my co-workers yesterday telling them a little bit about my move and to say goodbye.  The response back from friends touched my heart and reminded me how special they are to me.  I couldn't help but go back to moments between each of them and feel twinges of love & fun that we've shared.  Twelve years is a long time to be friends.  Relationships grow deep in that kind of time.  

As I got ready for school this morning, I thought of so many things I wanted to say to my friends that I'm leaving behind.  I'd love to tell them all the ways God used them to help me grow as a person.  Every person I've met here played an important role in my life.  God placed them there specifically for me at each moment of our friendship.

I'm not going to ponder over my memories with sadness.  I'm going to look ahead and be excited because…

you say

Goodbye JCHS and all that goes with it.  I'm going to miss you all.


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