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I knew the year was coming to an end but there was nothing I could do about it.  I had to keep going and doing ( a house doesn't pack up and move itself ).  Picking out a new word for the upcoming year was way low on my to-do list.  Lucky for me, God had a word in mind that He was preparing to show me throughout 2013 that would fit perfectly for the year 2014.


I've come a long way this past year.  I've had to let go of people I loved, give up control over most of my circumstances and clean out my mom's life, my kids lives and my own.  Nothing will prepare your life for change more than that.  One of the most painful lessons that packed the most punch for me was the amount of excess we each held onto in our lives.  Stuff seemed to rule all of us.  Stuff that didn't mean nearly as much as we thought it did.  It bombarded our lives, robbing each of us of true peace & joy. 

As I boxed up, gave away and sold most of my mom's life….I realized something very important — she never really enjoyed any of it!  Just about everything (and a lot of it was very valuable) that she had hoarded and held onto sat, unused!  That impacted me in a way I could not ignore.  Never again will I buy something that I will not use or enjoy.  Having "things" just to fill up my want tank will never be a part of my life again.  Stuff is just stuff!  It takes up your home & your peace.  It robs you of real joy and opens your heart for wanting more more more.  It can even send you into a cycle of depression.

The night I drove away from my mother's house (that still held a ton of valuable stuff)….I left with a hard life lesson – I have enough!

God has provided me with everything I need; a loving family, a nice home & cars, happiness and plenty of stuff!  I don't have to chase anything else down for joy.  I have it all!  How I decide to use it is up to me.  It's my job to love what I have and to recognize when I need TO GIVE IT AWAY!  When I look at other's lives and my own, I can easily see the difference between needs & wants.  I want to be more in tune with the people around me and how I can help them with what they need (not want).  Including my own kids.  I'm grateful that my hubby has a wonderful job that provides more than we need but I don't want to squander what God has blessed us with on getting more.

I have enough.

I have enough wonderful stuff in my house.

I have enough clothes & shoes (yes….even boots)!

I have enough food.

I have enough time to share.

I have enough patience to wait for the "special" items that I really wish for in my life.

I have enough love to give plenty away.

I have enough creativity that I can make great things to keep & share.

I have enough to hold me over and not rush out to get something new.

I have enough because God has provided me with everything I need.


HAPPY NEW YEAR, FRIENDS!!   May 2014 be the year God changes you & me into the people He wants us to be!


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