A Room with a View

I’m showing you the view from my hubby’s office today.

It was taken around 4:30pm.  I went to town with him because my car is snowed in and WHO knows WHEN we’ll be able to get out again.

Ole SNOWPOCALYPSE is going to be a big one!

The stores were total madness. I haven’t had one easy or enjoyable shopping trip yet in my two weeks of living here. It’s either been Christmas frenzied shoppers & traffic jams, AFTER Christmas (we have gift cards & money to blow) shoppers or horrible blizzard approaching weather shoppers!

None of them have been nice. Manners & courtesy go right out the window when it comes to doing anything here. I haven’t even mentioned only meeting one of my neighbors!!  One neighbor!!  I’m hoping that it’s all because of the weather because I am counting on being friends with SOMEONE here! 

I know….suck it up and quit whining!

My big plan was to stay home for a while at least but I’m starting to think I need to get out and meet people (by working)!  I have filled out the application to substitute at the schools nearby. It was no small town application either. It was like I was applying to an administrators position. I had to spill it all.

After I submitted it….I prayed, “Lord,  let them see something that interests them!”.  This from a lady that’s been clicking her heels about coming home.  I suppose the reality of our new cost of living added to our almost $1500 a month cut in moola coming in….I’m rethinking my freedom.

I don’t want to live stressed.


It’s probably not good for me to start borrowing trouble, right?

I think I’ll just enjoy the view a bit longer…..whatta ya think?

Col. 3:15 “And let the peace from Christ rule in your hearts deciding and settling all questions that arise in your minds…”

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