Granny’s Chest

Many years ago, I inherited a piece of furniture that belonged to my grandmother.   I’m not sure how old it is, possibly a gift to her in the seventies.  I remember it in her bedroom and it seemed fairly newish then.   With a large famiiy like mine, treasures like this are very special.  I cherish it because of her.  She was good to me and from my memories…..I know that she loved me and enjoyed every bit of me!

I can still hear her cackling laugh.  I loved her so much!

For years my hubby and I have hauled this cedar chest from house to house. We’ve used it to pile quilts on, pushed it against walls as a cabinet and allowed it to get damaged in storage.   Lucky for me, my hubby makes promises that he keeps and salvages what matters to me when we mess up.  I cried when I realized the chest had lost its legs due to water damage….but then I happened to see a rehabbed chest at an antique store.  Some genius had put tall legs on a boring old cedar chest to give it new life and I was sold!!

I snapped a pic and the dream was set in motion!


This is my granny’s cedar chest with new legs. I am so excited!  It’s still so cold here so we had to bring it inside to get it warm enough to finish it up.  You can see the sanded spots if you look closely.


I’ll post the finished pictures as soon as we can get the painting done.


Having something special from a person you loved & admired is indescribable.   I love having a little piece of my granny with me and I really love its new look!!

I imagine her surprise and joy at its creative new life.  She was one of a kind!

I miss her…

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