I Am Me Because of Him

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Trusting God has been the very best decision of my life.

With age comes wisdom.  I accepted Christ at the age of 14.  From that day until now, I've wasted a lot of important time living to please me. The stuff I know now would've been very helpful to me back in my young 20's (when I thought I KNEW EVERYTHING!).  Ah, but life must be lived and mistakes must be made (in most cases) to grow and stretch us into the people God wants us to ultimately become.  I refuse to look back and wish anything to be different….because I've learned that's no way to live in peace. 

I am who I am because of what I've lived and because of WHAT GOD HAS DONE within me, in spite of me.  He doesn't leave us broken and useless.  He wants us to live victoriously and through His forgiveness & mercy….that's exactly what we should do.

I've shared before about growing up in a tough situation.  I know what it's like to be afraid of your parent, I understand having no one to trust or turn to and I know how destructive hateful words can be to your heart.  But that's not all I know.

I know of God's redemption.  I can attest to His powerful love and grace.  I've lived His compassion and I've experienced His mercy in more ways than one.  I am a miracle.  My life could've turned out in a million other ways.  God had other plans for me and He does for you as well.

What's stopping you from trusting Him?

What keeps you from turning to God and acknowledging your sin?

What is holding you from knowing true peace?

Let it go.  Trust in Christ.  Never be the same again.

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