Actions Speak Louder


I've learned the hard way…..complaining about what you don't like about something only makes it harder and uglier and more painful.  For everyone.

let it go

Letting go of what hurts is the best way to live at peace.  Clinging to trouble is like riding a rocket of unforgiveness that's on a crash course of danger.


Love the people God puts in your life……in spite of their faults.  Life really is too short.

love a bunch

It's true, actions speak louder than words.  Even when voices are raised… be willing to prove your love.

not ok

I'm talking to myself today.  I don't ever want to be so narrowminded that I can't see my own faults.  I also don't want to hurt anyone I love with my words or actions, yet I do (sometimes). 

rise up


Let me be known for love.  Take away any doubt my behavior might try to pursuade otherwise.


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