Facebook Prayin’

Yesterday, I posted my family's obligatory Easter pics on Facebook for the whole world to see because doesn't everyone want to see how much older other families look?  Or how everyone has changed and gotten fatter?  Of course they do.   By this morning the pictures had generated over 60+ likes or comments.   As I read through the names I couldn't help but think of what each person means to me or my family.  Every person, special for one reason or another.   Then, I pictured that friend in my mind and thought about the joys, struggles, grief and pain each of them live with everyday.  What a great opportunity for me to pray for my friends and family!

Who doesn't need prayer?

Life is full of ups and downs,  joys, sorrow… good days, bad and victories too.  Knowing the lives of friends and family (you & I) have a window into what they need most.  So, why not pray for them?

You went all-out when you filled my heart and life up with friends & family.   Thank you for each one of them.  Help me to honor them and influence each one for YOUR GLORY!

Now how about some Easter pictures!!!


Ally, Gavin & Gates…proof that God loves me lavishly!


I still can't believe how fast this day came… grown up kids on Easter 2014!


My favorite man!

I hope your weekend was as beautiful as ours!  He is risen, friends!


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