Broke Neck Mountain



Oh look at me!  Don't I appear happy & well?  Maybe a bit aged…..but altogether smiling and at peace.   Life is good, afterall.  Right?

Life is good! It's my old lady neck that's not so hot. Somehow, during the night when usually my biggest enemy are the wrinkle angels….my body decided to betray me in the worst of ways with a crink that won't quit IN MY NECK!!!

I would say that I flew out of bed awake with pain…..but that is far from an accurate description. If you've ever had a "pain" in your neck, then you know…ain't nobody goin' nowhere fast. However, it did wake me up an hour earlier than my alarm and immediately I knew, today was not going to be puppies & fluffy clouds. Hence, I COULD NOT MOVE MY BODY.

I was in so much pain!

Have I mentioned my hubby is in Texas?

Lord, have mercy on me!!!

There's nothing like being an invalid with no one there to help you. I couldn't even move the pillow that I blame for working in cahoots with my 47 year old genetic makeup to escape the pain.

I was in a pickle!



Look at me showing off how far I can move my neck. That is it! After lying on a heating pad and 4 ibuprofen……this awkward angle is as far as I'm going. But, I'm at school and not only am I subbing for 1 teacher ….. I'm covering for 4! On opposite ends of the building.

Come on, bring it!!

Physical pain has a way of humbling us. Thank you for reminding me that this body of mine is a temporary dwelling. In heaven, I will be pain free. Until then… me take the best care of the body you've given me.

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