Neighborly Nicey Nice

I hate to go here……

But, my neighbors.   I still don’t know any of them.  Every weekend,  we work outside in our yard. We see them come & go, still nothing!

What is new neighbor protocol?


I’ve introduced myself to 3 different people and 2 of those people will at least wave.  The rest (specifically 4 houses of folks) completely act like we are invisible.  I’m trying very hard not to take it personally.

I’ve lived here since December!!  It is now May!

Last weekend my hubby and I were working in our FRONT yard when 3 of the 4 families stood on the sidewalk across from our house and chatted for over an hour.  Not once did they look over (so we could acknowledge them) or did they even attempt a hello neighbor yell.

I felt so sad! And embarrassed!

I cannot imagine being so neglectful or rude.  Our houses are close and these people are all clearly friends.  I need a serious boost of encouragement regarding this.  My life has undergone a huge year of change and adjustment.   I don’t want to miss a chance to love new people or places but what can I do?

I’m a good neighbor, I promise!


I’m reminded that it is a blessing to have friends.  Help me be one… everyone!

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