Go Ahead, Inconvenience Me

Last Friday I was assigned to sub in the afternoon.  Since it was for the same teacher who I recieved the "discuss some issues" call…..I made certain that I was early and at her door.  Only, when I walked in….she made a heavy sighing noise and said, "Did I need you?".

Confusion.  Frustration.  Aggravation.  Is this really happening?  All swished through my mind.  I'll even take it one step further and say I thought, "Is this lady FOR REAL?"!

She makes a complaint about me and she doesn't have any idea if she put in for a sub?!  Come on, lady!

Long story short.  She "thought" she had cancelled her need for a sub, but hadn't.  She did not need me and I could leave.  Now that wouldn't have been so frustrating had I not felt so cruddy that morning.  I wanted more than anything to stay home and NOT GET DRESSED.  But, since it was "this" particular teacher….there was no way I was cancelling the job.  I would've worked with my eyes bleeding!

So, I huffed my way back to the front office which was nothing short of hussle and chaos.  When I arrived to work earlier there were literally ZERO parking spaces.  Not one single sliver of space to park my boat.  So, I pulled onto the grass and hoped for the best (not to get towed)!  The reason?

Rachael Fiege's first week lecture.  Rachael was a beautiful 19 year old freshman at IU who fell down a flight of stairs after only being at college for 2 days.  Her friends had no idea how injured she was and helped her to a couch to lay down only to realize many hours later that she was in dire consequences.  Too late.  She was a Zionsville HS graduate and beloved in this community.  Her mother (Angi) has wrangled her emotions and love for Rachael into a program to help other students and this was the day of her event.  The school was packed!  And it was B U S Y!!

I have thought and prayed for this mother many times.  My heart couldn't help but feel empathy for her and all that she must be going through.  Nothing can change or take away the pain of losing a child, ever.

While I was talking to the secratary regarding the teacher NOT NEEDING me….I felt someone walk up beside me (which was strange because people were crawling all over us) and I stopped talking and looked over…..to see Angi Fiege right beside me.  I could see the weight of the day heavy in her eyes.  Her shoulders were sagging with grief and she looked like she could use some love.  It was at that moment that I knew why I was there.  I was supposed to hold her up with encouraging words and a touch.

I looked at her and spoke, "I want you to know that I'm praying for you!".  She moved in and wrapped her arms around me and we hugged for a moment.  I could feel her ache but I could also feel the power she recieved from knowing someone was holding her up to God without ever having to ask for it.

My head got the message immediately from the heart.  I wasn't supposed to ever sub that day…..but I was supposed to share God's love with a hurting mother.

I left thanking God for the opportunity to help in some tiny little small way.  I also apologized for grumbling about my circumstance.  I'll gladly be inconvenienced any day to be the hands & feet of God.


Ever feel put out by a situation that you can't control?

Look for whatever it is that God possibly had appointed for you to do instead!

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