Not Afraid

I wish I could take all the credit but I can't.  God completely had a hand in picking out the man who would father my children.  I tried everything to make the wrong choice…..but just to show you how BIG GOD is (and I can do it, over & over) HE GAVE ME, DON GALLOWAY!



25 years ago, I was young & naive enough to think that picking a husband was mostly for my own benefit.  It didn't take me long to realize…..he's not just FOR ME!  We had our first baby that very first year of marriage.  Not planned by us, clearly by God because….hello, real life!  I knew the week our son was born, this guy was going to be a dad to beat all dads.  I could see and feel the love he had for our son.  His fierce protective fatherly instincts ensured me, he was a dedicated father and nothing would ever tear him away from our kids.

It only grew stronger with the addition of our two girls.  Again, clearly a God thing!  We didn't think we could handle daughters.  Ha!

In a world like ours, a dad who sticks around…..genuinely cares for his children….lives to love and care for them and honors their mother with his whole life is a rare find.  I am blessed to say that I married a man just like that.  He is perfect for me, he is perfect for our kids and he is just the man GOD HAD FOR ALL OF US!

Happy Father's Day, Babe!  You are worth every brag, every smile and every joyful spirit!  You make each of us….so proud!  Thank you for not being afraid to lead your family.  You have set the example for our own children of what a real dad looks like.

I love you!

You're not afraid…

To be loving

To be silly

To be wrong

To be real

To be strong

To be put out

To be proud

To be mushy

To be over-worked

To be a leader

To be a Father


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