Last Sunset

2014-06-22 20.14.24

There's no denying the beauty of a beach sunset.  It marks the end of a long day filled with blazing sun and crashing waves then suddenly turns calm and breezy right before your eyes.  Even the beach-goers slow down and wait….for that very moment when day turns to night and all the sand, sunscreen & wet swimsuits retire for the night knowing tomorrow, is going to be another summer-filled day!

2014-06-22 20.21.55

Our last night on the beach was the one night we didn't have to be anywhere or meet-up with anyone….it was just ours to do with what we wanted.  So, we spent it down at the water.  Nothing compares to the ocean at the end of the day.  The smells, the wind…..the crashes of waves and the reminder that God is all around us.  We stood in awe and clicked away with our cameras hoping to capture just a glimpse of His beauty.

2014-06-22 20.00.28

And we loved every last minute of our last sunset on the beach!

2014-06-22 20.13.47


As I walk on the sand and hear nothing but the sound of the ocean…..I'm reminded of how amazing heaven must be.  Thank you for a tiny peek at paradise and thank you that I am promised a place there someday….with you.


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