Emotional Prisoner

I'm friends with girls and women of all ages and the one predominate thing they (we) all have in common are emotions.  Women come equipped with a boatload of emotions.  We feel with our whole being.  Everything we do and think is filtered back and forth through our heart and for the most part, heart for women equals head too.

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The female brain is filled with emotion.  Our ability to make decisions, be who we are and to pursue love all come from inside our brains which are driven mostly by our emotions.  Now, don't hear me wrong….there are women who can stuff down their emotions.  They have mastered the ability to compartmentalize their feelings and learned to navigate decision making with logic and whatever else keeps them from allowing emotions to rule their life.

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Many of us….are all mushy inside.  And if you are, it's okay!

you are okBeing emotional is normal.  Being a basket-case of emotions……not so normal.  At least, it shouldn't be.

It seems as though social media has become the place to vent our emotions.  Almost every day, I read posts by friends sharing their deepest feelings.  Some of them are so raw and painful.  People are truly hurting and I can't help but wonder….where does all this come from?  For some, life has thrown them for a huge loop.  Perhaps an illness or a family death.  Those moments stop us in our tracks and can send us seeking, oftentimes….online.  For others, it might be a love that's been lost or a love they are pursuing or just general searching for the acceptance they need in order to feel good about themselves.  Posting it online gives them the attention they might need for the validation they are seeking.

We have all searched at some time or another …. for something.

chasingHow do we get so caught up emotionally?  In relationships?  Jobs?  And life in general?


1.  Giving too much, too soon.

I see this all the time.  Girl meets boy.  Girl sleeps with boy.  Girl jumps all in and chases boy.  Boy pulls back.  Girl pursues harder.  Soon, girl is miserable.  Posts all her emotions online.  Girl then rides out a rollercoaster of emotions (and we all get a front row glimpse).  Result?  A wrecking ball of emotions!  Which then equal — shame, embarrassment (not always), guilt….frustration and depression.

2.  Living for the moment.

It's not uncommon now to live like YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE ( YOLO ) and to throw out the window any consequences of what could be painful to the heart later.  Stupid in the moment decisions often come back to bite us and many are living like it's not going to matter later.  Then, later…..they are left with a heap of hurt that could've been avoided if they had just thought it through a little more.

PS- For the Christian, YOLO doesn't even apply.  Real living…will be found in HEAVEN!  We are just passing through here, y'all!

3.  Basing all our happiness on others.

One of the best tools we can teach our children is how to handle their emotions.  When they are angry or frustrated instead of allowing them to flip out and have a tantrum, we can help them talk about what it is that's making them FEEL so upset.  Giving a name to what hurts or frustrates teaches them to own it, solve it and move forward from it.  Most of us walking around in society are trapped inside this emotional bubble and if those who are around us don't help…..we blame them for our unhappiness.  Even if they are contributors to our feelings, the way we handle it, is OUR problem!  Too many are living life based on how those around them make them feel.

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4.  Living with a NO BOUNDARIES lifestyle.

The hard truth is that we all need boundaries.  Good & healthy boundaries keep us intact.  Think: we discipline our children and place boundaries on them for their own good.  If we don't proactively protect ourselves from that which we know to be bad for us….we will suffer every time.  I know what I can and can't do to avoid trouble and so do you! 

holinessSo, here's the deal.  If you are wrapped up so tight in your emotions that your happiness depends wholly on them….you might be in trouble.  Something is off kilter.  If I could give any advice — it would be to first ask yourself this question:

meI mean it, does this emotion put me in a place to succeed or does it bring me down?  Knowing the answer to that question can make all the difference in how you react and ultimately how you feel!  For me, when I jump in and allow the emotion of the circumstance to overwhelm me….I am its slave!  I don't want to be held hostage and neither should you. 

Decide.  Will you be a slave to your emotions or will you be a victor?  The choice is yours.  Every single day.  And whichever you choose…….OWN IT!

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