Jesus Isn’t a Fairytale God

You don't have to look very far to find poor theology in action.  The world is full of twisted and mixed-up thoughts on WHO GOD IS and what HE can do in our lives.  For some, God is a far-away being who only swoops in to punish or cause us suffering when we don't play by the rules.  For others, God is magical.  His powers are there for our use when we struggle or call on someone (to pray) to help us through a rough patch.  The common theme with either of those assumptions of God is that He is really only necessary when WE NEED HIM in our times of trouble.  Otherwise, butt out, God!

Most, don't understand the HOLINESS of God.


God isn't a fairytale being.  He is real.  His existence might seem impossible to the unbeliever but HE IS the great I AM.  In Exodus 3:14, God tells Moses…."I AM who I AM".  Which means, He does and will continue to exist no matter what else happens in the world.  I AM is the Holiest name for God in the Old Testament.  In Hebrew, I AM means Yahweh.  Yahweh is the tetragrammaton of the four consonants (yhwh).  It was used by His covenant people and revealed the very personal nature of WHO GOD IS to the believer.  He is personal and He wants to be active in our lives.

But, it's up to us to choose Him.

Which brings me to the common thinking of many who only call on God when they need a miracle.  Or direction.  Why would God want to be on our GO-TO list when we're in a struggle after we've pretty much ignored Him and His Holiness for our lives?  Oh, don't get me wrong, God is a good God.  Afterall, HE IS GOD!  But He is also a God of obedience and mercy. 

I'm not talking about the giving up Margerita's kind of God either.

The God who is worthy to be called upon to "help" us in our time of desperation is the same God we need on an everyday basis.  Using Him to whisk in and save the day isn't a relationship with God.  It's a fairytale dream that only bandaids over the truth.  God's word (Acts 16:31) is clear regarding our need for salvation.  Each of us have the choice to love and obey God, He never forces Himself upon us…..but HE LONGS FOR US TO LOVE HIM!  And He longs for us to KNOW HIM beyond His ability to make things better in our everyday lives.

He is the lover of our soul.

your soul

So, how can we know Him personally?  How can we faithfully call on Him for help in times of trouble?  How can we honestly say that we know the Great I Am?

By genuinely trusting in Him, accepting Him as our Saviour and acknowledging our sin.  It's so simple….but still so hard for many to understand.  God is willing to forgive anything we've ever done or will do.  He isn't looking for us to goof up to punish or scold us…..He is lovingly waiting on us to call on Him for forgiveness and is ready to make us new again.  He never holds grudges, He never brings up past sins (that have already been forgiven) and He loves each of us with an everlasting love that many of us cannot even fathom.


Do you know Him?  Do you have a relationship that goes beyond, "Help me God"?  Or are you zipping by on pretend faith?  My heart's prayer for you is that the Holy Spirit would pierce your heart and bother you (yes, I said bother you!) to the point of KNOWING YOU NEED CHRIST!  You're worth knowing the peace of God and sharing in Eternity with Him forever.

What I know is this:

Find someone who loves God and has a personal relationship with Him.  Talk with them openly about your thoughts on who God is.

Open the Bible and read.  Don't turn to people of controversy (ie, Joel Osteen…)

Open your mind to prayer.  Then, start doing it.  Pray.  Every day.

And know, I'm praying for your heart and mind to the real understanding of WHO GOD IS.  He isn't a fairytale magician.  HE IS GOD!


I pray for those who are confused as to WHO YOU REALLY ARE.  You are good, You are Holy and You are just.  Help me be an obedient follower of You, every day.  Not just when I need you most.



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