Home is My Happy Place

After the longest month ever…..my hubby and I arrived home late last night.  It's only temporary for him but I think I'll stay put for ….. ever!


Home has a way of welcoming you in and saying, "Sit, stay awhile!" and I'm not one to be controversial when it comes to an invitation!

It was a great feeling to walk in to piles of mail, packages on the porch and our own soft comfy bed.  We slept like zombies!  This morning I was a little shocked to find I was out of coffee though.  I thought surely I could just walk in to perfection.  No coffee was a stinger of the truth…..life takes work, dangit!

Which brings me to what is happening around here today…

2014-09-24 16.05.12

Except that Home Depot has the nerve to be out of stock on our flooring.  After sitting on hold twice for 10+ minutes just to MAKE SURE they didn't have it, I gave up!  So, the man who I haven't seen smile in weeks…until I snapped a photo of us yesterday is trying to find what boards he can salvage from the water damage!

On a happy note?

I came home to a jackpot pile of new books from the Proverbs 31 bookstore (that I won!!!) and my heart can barely stand it to see them sitting there fresh for the reading!  I don't have time to jump into any of them today….but soon, very very soon I'll be alone and reading all my new babies.

Ahh, it is good to be HOME!

But even more, it's good to have my hubby here with me.



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