All I Want for Christmas

Nothing compares to spending quality time with people you love.

friends forever

This weekend all my wishes came true….. friends that I've missed so much decided to visit downtown Indy and wanted to double-date y'all!  I wouldn't have missed it for anything. 



Woohoo!  I mean, I didn't have anything else going on.  So, why not….right?


On Saturday night, we bundled up and took off for the big city to meet our sweet friends at Weber Grill for a fat steak and then a carriage ride around town.  The Christmas lights,  the BIG 10 crazy atmosphere and the weather all cooperated to make the whole night a little magical.



Can you tell, I don't get out much?  Just kidding. 


I party all the danged time!   Pshaw!

The next morning, we pushed ourselves out of bed and headed right back downtown to meet some OTHER wonderful friends from southern Indiana that we haven't seen in a few years.  One of the greatest blessings of friendships is the ability to pick right back up where you left off.  Don't you think?


So, in one fast weekend….we packed more love and fun in than one couple of lonely old empty nesters can cram!


And now, I can go on with my Christmas holiday's because all I really want is more like an all I really NEED is some fun time spent with people I love!


Thank you so much for the friends you've put in my life.  No matter the distance, they are always there.  I am so blessed. 


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