Get Back Up

I attract strangers no matter where I travel.  I'm a magnet for people.  I like it, most of the time.  Sometimes, it can get weird.  Like, a few weeks ago when I was rustling through a rack in a thrift store.  It was the day I found the Free People sweater.  A man standing nearby pointed out another sweater with the Free People logo after noticing I had the other in my hand.  A little strange, since he was a dude and I'm a chick…..

Who's noticing brand names in a thrift store besides the ladies, right?  Well, obviously…my new friend.  I thanked him for his good eye and continued to go through the rack.  He carried on talking.  First, he mentioned that he didn't NEED the sweater because he didn't have a wife or any daughters.  (Insert: nervous laugh)  I laughed back and again thanked him for the help.  Next, he opened the gates and spilled out that he had just gotten a divorce.  (Inside my head: Okay, bye!).  Before I could peel out, he began the story of how she accused him of cheating and come to find out….IT WAS HER doing the cheating!

Now he's all alone and their son won't even speak to him because the ex-wife brainwashed him against the dad.  Every single bit of bad news he gave me, I countered it with a positive.  I assured him that God was going to take care of him and I even encouraged him to look for the blessing in such a rotten situation.

But, I didn't do that until I sympathized with him.

When life knocks you down, typically….you don't need someone to just tell you it's going to be okay.  I mean, you will need to hear that….eventually.  For the most part, you just need someone to listen and FEEL your pain.  I know it sounds weird that I listened to a stranger spill his heart in the middle of a Goodwill.  However, I'm not surprised at all that it was me he found to unload on.

God…..has a way of keeping me on track.

Here's what I know — Life is often a battlefield of explosions.  Good days, bad days and even a few in-betweens.  Somewhere, someday…..tragedy is going to strike.  Trouble comes pounding on our doors when we least expect it.  It might be a divorce, a death, a job loss….a family riff or even a broken down vehicle.  Something is going to slap you around.  Heck, it may even push you to open up to a strange lady wearing no make-up in the Goodwill.

And, I have good news!


You hold the power to fight.  Please don't think I'm making light of any painful life
occurences.  I'm not.  That pain is real and sometimes…crippling!  What I'm saying is DO NOT STAY PARALYZED in your troubles.  Get up, find your joy (it might involve MAKING your own happiness) and live your life.  

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I wouldn't suggest dumping on strangers as a first resort, but…find someone you can trust to listen to your heart (don't be a constant dump truck of problems).  No one wants to be a chronic therapist for a person that won't make the life changes that need to be made.  Be smart about your wallowing in self-pity.  Give yourself some goals.  Write out some ways that will help you move forward.  Scratch a line through them when you accomplish each one.

Before you know it….. You are back on your feet again and hopefully, a NEW & IMPROVED version of you is ready for the world!

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