Fri Yay! No Fashion Needed


I haven’t posted a fashion Friday post in a few weeks because WHO CARES? Fashion isn’t everything, right?! Time with the people you love trumps all things stylish, to me. Last week, I went to lunch with my pretty girls and then out shopping for some Friday fun. This week, I’m slaving away in Chinese classes. Somebody’s gotta make the donuts!

My wardrobe has pretty much consisted of whatever was appropriate for very warm weather the last week or so. I’ve busted out the shorts from the back of the closet and tip-tapped around in all my favorite sandals. Oh, and we officially clicked on the A/C in our house. Before bed last night, the weather man mentioned that next week’s HIGH would be in the 60’s. Indiana. Really?

In case you’ve been wondering (which, why would you really?) I’ve been up to a few good things lately besides going to the d o c t o r. I’ve started up my favorite morning habit –>


Clearly, this is how I was meant to live.

After I’ve heated up my bones in the morning, I can slip out front and water my flowers and rock away my worries on my front porch. What worries do I have, you ask? My doorbell died. It’s becoming a real hassle. Visitors, deliveries and the whatnot must think I’m a real jerk for never answering the door. Who wants to miss guests or goodies? Not me, dudes!


I finally admitted defeat or that I’m getting fat whichever way you want to look at it and took my wedding ring in to be re-sized. 4 1/4 just wasn’t cutting it on my puffy little left hand finger. I was blaming it on salt, the heat and all sorts of other stuff. But, I think the truth is – that I’m getting a little too fluffy and my fingers are trying to tell me something!

Any way. I picked it up yesterday and it feels soooooo much better.


Last night was the perfect evening for a sunset dinner on the back porch. My favorite gardener was busy planting tomatoes and other goodies so I brought dinner outside and it was a great little dinner date.


I cooked crockpot chicken tacos. So easy, so delicious.

Chicken Taco

2 chicken breasts
1 small jar salsa
1/2 packet taco seasoning

Throw it all in a crock pot, walk away. Come back a few hours later and shred the chicken with a couple of forks. Voila!

The most amazing taco meat ever! I serve with both crunchy taco shells and soft. Add in all the fixin’s you like: lettuce, tomato, cheese…more salsa. It’s one of the easiest and most loved foods I make.

Now, I’m gearing up for the weekend. It’s going to be another weird holiday for me, 2 of my prized possessions will be missing. Gavin in Texas and Gates will be working at her new job at the Library. Why is the library opened anyway? Darn it! So, Ally is going to have to hold me together and fill my mama heart.

If anybody can do it…’s her! Look at this picture that I found this week. It’s me washing dishes with hubby holding Ally, except it really looks like Ally is washing the dishes. Funny resemblance, huh? My pretty baby’s all grown up and looks like her mama. I remember being that skinny. 😉


Happy Mother’s Day, Mama friends. Enjoy your weekend blessings.

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