5 Things For My Daughters

Once again, another first. My first Mother’s Day with kids missing. It’s not the end of the world, at least that’s what I keep telling myself! They are grown, so behave and get a grip Mom!

This time and this age is special. I’m enjoying so many moments with each of them. I feel like I’m learning more and more about them and life every day. It’s like I’m finally an adult, crazy….I know. I realize I’ve been grown up for a while now — it’s just that life means so many different things to me now than it did when they were all little people.

mothers day

I see the uniqueness in each of my girls and I celebrate them for who they are as young women. With every conversation we share, I get a peek into what’s happening in their lives and I can’t help but feel pride at how they love and enjoy their own lives. For you mama’s wondering if they’re going to make it – they will. And so will you.

If I had to give my girls a word or two to get them through this crazy world without me, here are some of the things I would say:

1) You are worth so much more than the world wants you to think.

I don’t say that just because I’m your mother, but I will anyway. Don’t listen to the opinion or voices of the world. They whisper discouragement way more than encouragement. God made you, wonderful. Don’t forget it.

2) Treat people with kindness & mercy.

Not everyone is going to be nice to you but that doesn’t mean you can’t be nice to everyone else. Kindness is one of the greatest gifts to give and receive. Be a giver and don’t miss an opportunity to show mercy.

3) Love your life.

You’ve been given a life to live and love. Do it and show others how to love theirs too. You will set the tone for many during your lifetime. Let it be joyful.

4) Be forgiving to yourself.

You are going to fall short. You are going to fail. You are going to make mistakes. Don’t dwell, move on quickly. Learn but move on.

5) Trust your mother.

There isn’t a secret you can’t share. Nothing will ever make me stop loving you, ever. I will always be a place where your biggest secret can be kept safe.

I love you, Gates & Ally! Thank you for being not only my girls but my new best friends.

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