So, About What I Said

I might have exaggerated a bit yesterday when I told you the flooded flooring in my house would kill me. The truth is, it’ll probably be hotdogs! I like em’ and on my way home from Tuesday Morning today, I discovered a real live HOTDOG RESTAURANT! Like, a walk in….order and sit down in the A/C (it’s hot in my house right now) and eat any kind of hotdog you can dream up kind of restaurant.

How could I just drive on by? It was after lunch time and it was right beside the Lowe’s where I had to return the doorbell that didn’t fix my broken doorbell problem. People are probably thinking I’m the rudest person ever because I don’t answer my door. What else? What else is going to break at my house?

I made the call yesterday to the A/C repairman that I was directed to from the home warranty company. The guy was named Derek and after asking me a few questions about my A/C problem, he rambled on about someone being in my area and proceeded to ask my name & address. I began with my name and as soon as I said it, he yelled…”Whoa, SLOW DOWN, HOLD ON A MINUTE!!!” All I had said was, “Wanda”. At first, I thought maybe he was driving. Then, after he did it the entire way through all my information….I came to the conclusion that I am from another planet than most other humans.

Someone will be here MONDAY between 12 – 3pm and yea, it’s hotter than H E double hockey sticks right now and will be all weekend.

Today, I had some errands to run which is code for I wanted to see what was new at Marshalls and hit the 50% off sale at Tuesday Morning. I didn’t notice it at first but after the 4th old person cut me off and raced in front of me — 1 stole my parking place at Lowe’s, 1 raced around me in the wrong turn lane to get onto the same road I was driving (clearly, he didn’t notice I was driving a wild race stallion of a car), 1 drove in the middle of the road (it wasn’t even a lane) to get past me and another lollygagged up to the turn I was making and then whipped into yet another parking space I was about to pull into.

Forget the flooring and the hotdogs….it’s old people! I am going to fly on to Jesus at the hands or wheels of some old fart that doesn’t need to be DRIVING!

But, hey….I’m home and I’m alive. It’s the weekend, I’ve almost finished a great book and all is right with the world. Plus, I lavished myself with a hot pink pedi for all my troubles. It’s the least I could do, don’t you think?


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