J U N E 2015

june babe

If you read yesterday’s birthday manifesto and still came back here to read my words, GOD BLESS YOU FRIEND! It’s a little like helping someone move. You want to be a good friend and help, but….dang! Moving is such a pain. So is reading some mom go on and on about her awesome perfect incredible amazing son. It’s a little painful.

So, thank you for reading and still coming back for more. You are bettah than buttah!

Let’s talk about JUNE! It has to be one of the most glorious months of the year, don’t you think? The weather is finally changing to summer warm, kids are out of school, swimsuits become regular attire and eating outside is a lovely dining experience. No more winter blues. And the gardens, oh my…the gardens are growing and taking shape for some incredible bountiful harvest. I can’t wait.

How cool is it to point out some of the best things about June? I’ll tell ya!

Ever wonder what’s so special about being born in June? Well, probably not but I thought this was interesting.


Or how about a workout challenge for the month of June?

june exerc

What about a few interesting facts:

june facts

Ever wondered what’s in season during June?

june in season

Or hey, need a photo challenge for the month?

june fun

I know everybody wants to know WHAT TO BUY IN JUNE:

1) Spring Clothes
2) Dishware
3) Gym memberships
4) BBQ & Picnic supplies
5) Tools
6) Dairy products
7) Donuts (Huh?)

Oh and we can’t forget to celebrate DAD!!


See all the fun to be had in June?



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