Hands Off

Here we are once again……listening to nonsensical garbage from gun hating liberals.


Every single time a whack job (and people who commit horrible acts like yesterday’s campus shooting are whack jobs) goes on a killing rampage, out come the genius gun control cronies. Blah blah blah. …… waaa waaa waaa! Crap!

All of it, crap!

Seriously. Stop it.

How unfortunate that someone in the midst of all the horrible bloodshed going down at yesterday’s attack wasn’t legally packing. It’s heartbreaking that he wasn’t stopped sooner. His intentions were to cause as much death and destruction as he possibly could and it appears he was rather successful.


I get it. Not everyone feels comfortable with guns. To them I say, don’t buy one. But, don’t tread on my right to have them and to use them for my protection.

Gun laws don’t protect legal gun owners. Just like taking cars away from everyone because some people drive drunk doesn’t stop drunk driving crimes. Criminals will always find a way to do their deed.


I’m sickened by the horrid acts committed on the Oregon college campus yesterday. It’s past time for Americans to stand up and fight back. I thank God for the many businesses who openly welcome licensed gun carriers in their business. Our world is quickly going to hell – and it’s important to know there are those who want to take as many along with them as they can.

Exercise your American right and become a trained and legally licensed gun owner. You never know when tragedy will knock on your door or walk into your classroom or drive by your front yard.

Don’t be a victim!

Help us help ourselves.

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