When Talking Is Optional

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My hubby is busy. He constantly has somewhere to be and someone to please. It isn’t easy being awesome, you know? When he finally lands at home his brain is pretty much spent. Yet, he tries to join the ranks of my “did you call?” and “can you fix?” home life even though I know….he’s exhausted.

Just like every family trying to shake and bake it in this world, we struggle to make it by covering all the bases we can and sometimes that means letting some things go. Some conversations just can’t happen. They require too much time and brain power. For me, for him….for everyone.

Many times as we fall into bed….he will tell me that he enjoyed something I wrote or posted somewhere and that charges my heart battery because of all the people I want to please with my words, it’s him (don’t misunderstand, I want to please HIM [Jesus] first and foremost). But, my hubby’s praise sends me zinging!

We can laugh about the stories I write because they usually involve something that we haven’t really had time to discuss or linger over like we’d like to do. So, thank you Honey for reading my words. I know you’re busy and I also know that you give a rip about what makes my heart tick, so you read the words I write and you always boost me high when reporting back.

I love that about you.

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