I Can Only Hope

I can’t think of a better time than now to spread HOPE. All around you and me are hurting people. Lost people, sick people, sad people and worse. Friends, for those of us who claim to love Christ…now is the time to put our money where our mouths are (so, to say).


It’s not rocket science to figure out the needs of friends or family that can’t seem to see the forest for the trees right now. What can you do? What can I do? That’s really important because someone needs us to step up and help. Maybe with financial needs or possibly just our time and encouragement.

I can remember some really slim Christmases for my family. I can still feel all the feels that go along with worrying about bills, gifts and big Christmas dinner foods. And, that was with full-time jobs.

Many families are barely scraping by – month to month. Throw in the holiday season and you can almost see the stress on some folks faces. I’m really grateful for the people in my family’s lives that invited us to events and offered gifts at just the right time. I’ll never forget their love, hospitality or dedication to God through serving my family.

Somebody somewhere needs you (and me) this Christmas season. It might not be anything big but then again, it might be huge. Are you willing to do your part?


Thank you for the HOPE we have in YOU! Help me to spread your promise to those in my life that need it most.

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