I should’ve known my day was going to go wonky when THE DONALD announced he wouldn’t be participating in Thursday night’s debate. I mean, how terrible…right?

I woke up at 4:38am after tossing and turning all night and couldn’t go back to sleep. What? What’s my biggest weakness? NOT GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP! It is right at the top of my list of things that CANNOT HAPPEN TO ME or else!

Yea, I feel refreshed!

I packed my stuff into a “borrowed” tote bag and took off for school. I needed a bag large enough to haul my laptop with me to school, so I borrowed one of my girls bags I found upstairs. As I got into my car…. I had a thought about how heavy the bag was and wondered if it could hold up to the heavy load.

Thanks to the weird darkness of 7:45 am right now, I couldn’t see very well on my country road drive to work. So, I squinted and blinked my way…praying no deer jumped out and really wrecked my day.

As I stepped out of my car in the school parking lot, the bag tore completely apart. The handle ripped off and I poured my water all over the front of my coat. Dandy. I knew it! Now, I not only need a new bag for myself…I owe the chick I borrowed from a new bag too. Luckily, it was a cheapo.

See what you’ve caused DONALD TRUMP!

Thanks man! I’m ripped!


bad bad day

*blaming others for our problems never gets us anywhere. So, see where I’m stuck today? 🙂

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